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Biryani Telugu Movie Online Download




S. S. Rajendran, an actor and comedian, portrays Varadharajan as a dandy and a ladies' man, who wooed many girls, including Sugan and Parasuram. Sugan's bhai (brother), Periya Sankaran (S. S. Rajendran), a bank officer, is involved with a call girl, Jaya (Sona Nair). Parasuram and his wife, Jayalakshmi (Y. Vijaya), have a daughter named Meena (Sindhu Menon). Periya Sankaran and Jayalakshmi are invited to their home. After spending time with Periya Sankaran and Jayalakshmi, Periya Sankaran reveals his secret plan. He wants to use Jayalakshmi's son, Meena, to kill Sugan in the name of a marriage. Sugan follows Periya Sankaran and Jayalakshmi to their home, and stops Periya Sankaran from killing Meena. Periya Sankaran tells Sugan that he had saved Meena's life many times, but Sugan points out that Meena was the reason for their deaths. Sugan, along with Parasuram, then sets out to kill Periya Sankaran. Periya Sankaran's bhai (brother) then pretends that his bhai (brother) is also Periya Sankaran. The police arrives and arrests Periya Sankaran's bhai (brother). Periya Sankaran is released from jail after clearing his name. Sugan reveals that he knew that Periya Sankaran was planning to kill Meena, so he wanted to save Meena from his evil plans. Back home, a scuffle between Sugan and Periya Sankaran's bhai (brother) takes place. Meena tries to stop the scuffle. Periya Sankaran's bhai (brother) and Meena fight over a knife. Meena's hand is cut and her blood is on Periya Sankaran's bhai (brother)'s knife. Meena then flees, and the police arrive. Periya Sankaran's bhai (brother)'s knife is taken away, and Sugan is arrested. He is then tortured by the police for a long time. After being released, Sugan and Parasuram go to a hill near their home to meditate. Periya




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Biryani Telugu Movie Online Download

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